Who We Are

“Creative Strings” initiatives with the founding of Camille Catherine, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the expansion and improvement of music education, with a focus on the development of curriculum and programs for classically trained string players and teachers to expand their skills as creative musicians.


Our mission is to (1) provide a variety of educational outreach programs focusing on the advancement of contemporary string music and string pedagogy for violinists, violists, cellists, and bass players and teachers; (2) to present a series of concerts for the general public featuring a variety of exceptional artists from diverse cultural backgrounds performing an eclectic range of musical genres, including, but not limited to, classical, world, jazz, fiddle styles, rock, and blues.



A former Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Christian Howes is not only one of the world’s most respected jazz violinists, but a Suzuki-trained, accomplished classical violinist as well. His classical background enables him to connect with traditional orchestral students, and his cohesive curriculum in improvisation, composition, eclectic styles, and strings technology ensures that students and teachers will take away actionable knowledge that they can apply.