Jazz Violinist Jason Anick on practice routines, getting the gig, and striving – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 5

28-year-old rising star jazz violinist/mandolinist, Jason Anick is a regular instructor at the annual Creative Strings summer conference and the Berklee College of Music. His calendar is full of touring and recording dates, and he’s a masterful musician, equally at home in a broad range of styles. Scroll down to listen and learn:

  • How Jason combined the best of classical and jazz practice routines to develop bulletproof musicianship
  • His routines and regimens — scales, transcriptions, improvising, working with backing tracks, self-recordings, and more
  • His successful mindset for doing business as an artist and maintaining a confident and striving optimism in the music industry

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While you listen, scroll down to continue the conversation with Jason and Christian via the Facebook comments below; Feel free to share any of the quotes below or let us know what resonates for you.

“Don’t be too critical of your creative side; If you are in the moment and things are coming out, that’s great.”

“Do your best, have a great attitude, make the connections, meet as many people as you can, be the person that everyone wants to play with… that is business sensibility.”

“Music is so personal… at the end of the day, it’s about what emotions you are feeling, what you are portraying, and  knowing that what you have to say is something only you can say that’s unique to you. That’s something that no one can take away.”

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